Good as Gold Caravan Bar available to hire for your wedding, event, party or simple any occasion you can create. We are based in Wairarapa and happy to travel outside of the region.


I found this 1960s NZ built caravan on trademe. It was built by Mr Davis a coachbuilder from Palmerston North, he made caravans as a hobby.

She, newly named Jean, was structurally sound, so I went about striping the interior for her new lease of life as a modern caravan bar. New wiring, new layout design and delicately handcrafted by my local builder Brad and we were on our way. New window glass, seals and fittings, leaks fixed, and hours and hours of sanding to produce a beautiful exterior finish.

Finishing touches with lighting, mosaic flooring, a gold velvet sofa, gold sink and tap, coffee machine and she is ready to entertain and celebrate with you.

Good as Gold Caravan Bar is all about the gathering of friends and families in a relaxed setting, keeping things simple for your celebration.